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Marmarole's Tour.

Map of Marmarole's Tour

Tour of Marmarole.

Thanks to the network of trails that develops within the Dolomites, we are given the opportunity to connect to each other and tackle trekking for several days with overnight stay in shelters at high altitude, on one of the many steps in the hotel or stay in the country to enjoy life a little more worldly, everything depends on various needs.
There are already several days paths that cross the Dolomites known in almost the whole world, see the Highways, one for all and the most commercialized is the Alta Via N.1 that connects the Braies Lake of the province of Bolzano to Belluno. With a development of 125 km and 7800 meters of positive difference in level, divided into 12 stages.
We return to trekking accessible to a wider group of enthusiasts, not for the difficulties but for the possibility to create them ad hoc, being able to choose duration and route, overnight at altitude or in town. By choosing the area you want to visit, you can create a customized package around it. Another thing that facilitates the usability of these multi-day routes is the transfer of heavy luggage, from location to location by transfer. Where possible you can plan your lunch at the refuge along the way, otherwise you can eat packed lunch. Do not be surprised by what you read in this last paragraph, today everyone asks for comfort in the adventure, this does not take away the opportunity for those who want to tackle the trekking in our own way, to do it with the backpack carrying all the necessary to be able to travel a few days without external services.
Two, three, four, five days you choose yourself, the thing that is recommended is to plan well in advance, period and route, because the overnight stay in shelters is increasingly in demand, so it is less easy to find the beds.

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