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 Excursions to the Mesolithic archaeological site "Il Cacciatore di Mondeval"

Giau Pass-Mondeval-Selva di Cadore


Start point; Giau Pass

Arrival point; Selva di Cadore

Travel time; about 6 hours

Trail sign; Cai 436, Cai 466

Difference; Positive 150 m, negative 960 m

Departure fee; 2230 asl

Arrival fee; 1430 above sea level

Maximum quota; 2345 above sea level

Departure from Passo Giau,
the excursion begins on the side of the church, in the first part the view will be on the Ampezzo valley, then crossed a fork the panorama will be on the Agordina valley, here you cross diagonally a ridge, beware of vertigo, another fork and panoramic change returning to the Ampezzano side.
Continuing on this first part of the path you have to pay attention to two short rock passages, then the path returns easy up to the attack of the climb to the Giau fork, a demanding climb due to the slope that, in a few hundred meters, will make us overcome a difference in altitude of 150 meters, it is sufficient to slow down your pace and stop often to overcome it without difficulty.
Waoo, a fairy tale, from the fork the view is scary, ranging from Tofane, to Sella, Civetta, Pelmo, in this place a meditative pause is a must.
Well time to leave, this time downhill with the Pelmo and the Baste lake in front of us, passed two streams we find the path that will take us where the tomb of the hunter of the Mesolithic era was found, at the base of a large boulder wandering.
Continuing towards the valley we arrive at a “Casera di Mondeval de sote” casone which was not far away the home of the shepherd who accompanied the flocks or the grazing herds.
After a short time you reach an asphalted road which you continue on the right up to the Malga Pian de Vacia, when you see the malga you have to be careful on the left to follow the path that will take us to Selva di Cadore, if we are fast we will stay also the time to visit the museum dedicated to "Vittorino Cazzeta" where we will find the tomb and skeleton of the hunter who frequented these high areas already 7500 years ago.

A path that can satisfy many interests, botany, geology, the history of the peoples who were, in a natural, wild, fulfilling environment.

This route, given the positive difference in altitude to be tackled, is recommended for well-trained walkers, while technical skills are easy to walk.
Recommended hiking shoes, backpack, water, snacks, a change of clothes, rain jacket, first aid kit, inquire about the weather conditions of the day.
Good walk.

It is recommended to plan the recuoero of the cars well since it is not a ring ride and may require the use of public transport or shuttles.

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