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Dibona Refuge-Lagazuoi Refuge


Dibona Refuge-Lagazuoi Refuge

Departure; Dibona refuge

Arrival; Lagazuoi refuge

Travel time; 3 hours

Trail sign; Cai 403, Cai 412, Cai 224

Starting altitude; 2040 asl

Arrival fee; 2720 asl

From the state road 51 d'Alemagna in Vervei on the right of the road you will find the sign indicating the Dibona refuge, follow the asphalt road halfway to then continue on the dirt road to the refuge.

Departure at the Dibona refuge at 2040 meters above sea level, follow the military dirt road that climbs with a couple of hairpin bends towards the wall of the Tofana di Rozes, abandon it and follow a mule track on the left, delimited laterally by the mugo pines, which slightly descends leads to the Cason di Sotecordes, an enchanting place, terrace overlooking the 5 Torri, the Averao and the Nuvolao, the path continues on the right with slight ups and downs and runs downstream of a rock overhang, which divides the path from the wall of the Tofana di Rozes, an important habitat for wildlife during the winter thanks to its characteristics of exposure to the sun, for the sub-rock shelters that create protection from the weather and maintain milder temperatures, the path towards the end with rapid serpentines rises in altitude beyond the upper limit of the wood until it crosses the military road that climbs to the Col dei Bos fork at an altitude of 2160 asl.
The route continues downhill along the military road of the great war. Along the road we always pass through a tunnel dating back to the period of the great war which was excavated as it was the quickest method to cross the spur of rock that divided the two channels. they can see different typical flowers. Once out of the cave although it is short we find ourselves again in the woods, until you reach the crossroads where the two military roads cross, take the right and then immediately insert yourself in a path on the left downhill, continue walking through the trees, Firs, Larches and Cirmoli, to reach an old Cantoniera house, in this section you must pay attention to the support of your feet due to stones and roots.
Continue on the left alongside the state road of Alemagna for 300 meters, until you reach a small parking lot, a place that cheers up the soul for the wide plateau that develops in front and for the confluence of two streams, crossed by graceful bridges, whose waters flow slowly towards the valley, continue on the right following the path that climbs to the Falzarego Pass. The path runs across the plateau (Pian dei Menis) and then climbs up to the Col Gallina refuge, starting from the right to the left we can continue to admire the Tofana di Rozes, Col dei Bos, the Torre Falzarego, the Piccolo Lagazuio, the Sas de Stria and maybe the cabin of the Lagazuio cable car suspended in the blue sky, a little more effort and here we are at Passo Falzarego at 2109 meters above sea level, ready to go up to the Lagazuio refuge at 2720 meters above sea level with the cable car.
The Lagazuio refuge is a destination for many professional and non-professional photographers, who love this terrace for the panorama it offers, a 360 degree view and for the hospitality of the Pompanin family.
3 hours course, 6.8 km, positive elevation gain 350 meters.
Return by cable car to the pass and then by bus to the crossroads for the Dibona refuge or departure for the 5 Torri road.

A path that can satisfy many interests, botany, geology, the history of the Great War, in a natural, wild, fulfilling environment.
This route, given the positive difference in altitude to be tackled, is recommended for well-trained walkers, while technical skills are easy to walk.
Recommended hiking shoes, backpack, water, snacks, a change of clothes, rain jacket, first aid kit, inquire about the weather conditions of the day, climb up to 2720 meters above sea level.
Good walk.

The Dibona refuge is located under the majestic Tofana di Rozes wall, 3 km from the Alemagna road, it would be useful to leave a car in the parking lot near the crossroads between the state road and the road to the Dibona, to facilitate the recovery of the 'else. If with a single car it is advisable to get off the bus at Vervei crossroads road for the 5 Torri and follow the path 442 for the Dibona refuge, 1.6 km distance 1 h.
This route is medium easy, the height difference is minimal, medium distance, easy technical ability.
Regarding the material, trekking shoes, backpack, water and snack there are no refreshment points along the way, a change of clothes, rain jacket, first aid kit.
Good walk.

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