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"Time of wolves. The story of a return to "interview with Michele da Pozzo, Director of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites

Traveling exhibition, part of the European Project LIFE WOLFALPS, which aims to identify strategies useful to ensure a stable coexistence of the wolf - that is repopulating the area in a natural way - and the traditional economic activities.

The project was realized thanks to the work of Italian, Slovenian partners and numerous supporters entities: an international working group, which is essential to launch a form of coordinated management of the wolf population at this scale.

The exhibition addresses the biology and behavior of the species, the natural return and conflicts with humans, scientific research and the future of these animals.

Through interactive corner, historical and contemporary exhibits, six characters speak of the wolf from a personal point of view and emotional, to arrive at an objective and scientifically mediated. To dispel beliefs and superstitions, with the rigor and clarity of scientific research. 

This happened in 2016 not so long ago, in the meetings that were organized in the territory in a capillary way, the experts after telling that a pack had already settled in Veneto and precisely in Lessinia, anticipated the fact that the Wolves were expanding, but that it would take time for the colonization of the Dolomites.
The wolf beat the weather since the first herd was already established in the Dolomites in 2018.