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The footprints of dinosaurs to Pelmetto.


A large rock collapsed from the southwest paretone Pelmetto lies on unstable scree.

The curious and clinical eye of Vittorino Cazzetta - Selva di Cadore - 'discovered' a few decades ago that those dimples on that huge boulder had traces of at least three dinosaurs who were walking on the mud of the shore of two hundred and twenty million Years ago.
A Vittorino Cazzetta, disappeared mysteriously between 'its' mountains and found after a year of research, it is now dedicated the Museum of the Val Fiorentina, where he kept "the Mondeval" Man.

It was the beginning of Noricum, Upper Triassic, the first major phase of the Dolomite building was finished, the big developed coral reefs for over fifty million years, a power even fifteen hundred meters, lay submerged and filled with volcanic deposits. They were developing the first forms of mammals and birds still were not flying in the air.
Had just occurred a crucial event in the dolomite formation, the sea where they had developed large tropical reefs was completely filled with deposits and for a very short time it forms a vast marshy plain, like a giant salt, where they settle those gleaming facilities colors that are a few meters from the 'layers of Raibl, also known today as the red soil of power Travenezes'. These are the very fragile flimsy pedestal where it will begin, shortly after, the filing of new material from the disintegration of limestone mountain ranges located further south, to understand what is now the Po valley. Begins a new phase of subsidence and the sea begins to take possession of that enormous plain in whose belly, for fifteen hundred meters deep, are maturing those rocks that will become the 'dolomite Schlern'.

And the mud of that horizon wandering herds of hungry dinosaurs.
Immediately on those tracks is deposited another material. The phases of the waves of disintegrating the material, we can easily see in the layers, sometimes thick sometimes more powerful, the 'dolomite Main'.
The main dolomite rests directly on the layers of Raibl, like, it rests on nothing inconsistent soil. In the later stages of emergence-raising, which took place two hundred million years later (just twenty million years ago then and still continues), those huge collapse cylinder banks forming the spectacular Dolomite vertical walls.

Taken from Magicoveneto.

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