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di Fabio Bernardi

loc. Alverà, 196

32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo

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Mountain Bike        Mtb Cadore's tour 

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Four days tour in Mountain Bike 

 Conca Ampezzana and Cadore valley.


1° day;Cortina d'Ampezzo - Rif. Venezia

Distance 40 km positiv drop 2700 mt

2° day; Rif. Venezia - Rif. Antelao

Distance 36 km positiv drop 1800 mt

3° day; Rif. Antelao - Albergo Cacciatori

Distance 45 km, positiv drop 1500 mt

4° day; Albergo Cacciatori-Cortina d'Amp.

Distance 45 km, positiv drop 2000 mt

The tour is a breathtaking beauty, along forest roads and gravel paths and some paved roads.The scenery is sublime at the foot of some of the most important mountain in the Dolomites, such as Pelmo, Antelao, Marmarole, Cadini Misurina, Sorapis and Tofana.

The lakes, the Center Cadore's Lake, Auronzo Lake and Misurina Lake.

Landscape that changes at every turn with increasing of ascent or descent trail, we'll be riding in the valleys and on the passes of the Dolomites, recognized by “UNESCO” as a World Heritage Site and in their surroundings, along the Cadore Valley and the Conca d'Ampezzo.

It is requires a medium to high physical fitness as you can see from the height differences to face that give idea of inclines will meet, the route is about 160 km with a total positive drop of 8,000 meters.

The baggage will follow us hotel to hotel with a transfer service.

The experience can be shared with family members who do not ride, like?

They will move from one destination to the other with a transfer, and along the way or at the finish of each stage, they also can enjoy nature and the outdoors, taking walks with a Accompagnatore of Mountain Media dedicated to them.

Magnificent even in these days you can enjoy your evenings in special environments and your free time with those you love.

E-bikes as not to exclude, nothing prevents the use of this type of bike to do the trip, however, required a good driving skills for downhill runs.

Reservations or more info; 
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