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Rozes Parking-Lagazuoi


Rozes Parking-Lagazuoi Refuge 


Start point; Parking Rozes

Arrival point; Lagazuio

Travel time; About 3.30 hours without stops

Trail sign; Cai 402, Cai 401, Cai 423

Difference; 900 positive meters

Departure fee; 1820 asl

Arrival fee; 2720 asl

Departure from the square of Rozes under the Col dei Bos,

altitude 1820, raising the head you can see the rock overhangs of Rozes and Cordes with the top of the Tofana di Rozes that dominates them, on the left the Col dei Bos, you go up along the valley enclosed between Col dei Bos and Rozes. Follow the military road, military road now restored which makes the walk pleasant, it is all unpaved, slope around 4/5%, slowly going up first you cross a tunnel dug to be able to easily cross a ridge, on the walls outside the gallery especially the one in the sunny south you can see the characteristic flowers of rock and crack. The road always continues slightly uphill and you arrive beyond the wooded line where your gaze can range to fully admire the territory that opens up all around. You arrive under a clear Dolomite rock wall, here the road ends and the path begins which, with some hairpin bends, takes us to the Forcella Col dei Bos at 2330 meters above sea level. We always continue following the path that continues to climb on a rocky, grassy and muddy bottom if traveled immediately after a storm, which allows us to reach the Forcella Travenanzes at 2510 meters above sea level and we enter the external part of the open-air museum of the Great War. they begin to see the ruins of Italian barracks and defensive positions.
In a short time you arrive at the Forcella Lagazuoi, 2560 meters above sea level, here on a fork your gaze is lost between Val Badia, Valle Agordina and Valle del Cadore, between Valle Agordina and Valle del Cadore we can admire most of the mountain groups over 3200 meters above sea level.
Satisfied the eye sets off for the Lagazuoi Refuge, from the Forcella Lagazuoi continue to follow the path that twists in front of us, the whole path that climbs from the Falzarego pass is maintained every year given the large influx of tourists, wide, comfortable, a succession of switchbacks immersed in the open air museum of the First World War in Lagazuio, we find some ruins of the Austrian military shelters dug in the rock and once closed by wooden structures, many others rearranged and flanked by descriptive plates of the use to which they were intended, a last part of the path allows us to reach the Lagazuoi refuge at an altitude of 2720 meters above sea level, a terrace with a breathtaking panorama, from here with a 360 ° view we dominate the Dolomites, a panorama that amply repays the efforts made along the way. The Pompanin family waits with delicious dishes to satisfy the palate and stomach.
Descent with the cable car to Passo Falzarego at an altitude of 2100, from where we can reach the car by bus, otherwise from the Falzarego pass, beyond the parking lot, take the path that starts on the right, first go up to Ospedaletti, altitude 2170 and then following downhill the military road returns to the parking lot of Rozes.

A path that can satisfy many interests, botany, geology, the history of the Great War, in a natural, wild, fulfilling environment.

This route, given the positive difference in altitude to be tackled, is recommended for well-trained walkers, while technical skills are easy to walk.
Recommended hiking shoes, backpack, water, snacks, a change of clothes, rain jacket, first aid kit, inquire about the weather conditions of the day, climb up to 2720 meters above sea level.
Good walk.

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