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Very interesting video that illustrates the possible drift of the continents from 540 million years ago to today.

It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the German physicist Alfred Wegener was attracted by a strange coincidence: the shape of the west coast of the African continent and that of the east coast of the South American continent matched perfectly. Wegener, in confirmation of his theory, brought other evidence, such as the geologically similar nature of the rocks of the continents that ideally interlocked and some fossil findings of the reptile Mesosaurus and the Glossopteris fern, distributed in bands that embraced the two continents and which suggested that in the past they were united in one continent. Despite these tests, his theory was considered bizarre and was not accepted. In fact, with the means and knowledge available in the last century, Wegener could not explain how and why the different continents had separated from this one Pangea and from which the responsible force of their subsequent movements could be born. Today it is known that the cause is associated with the internal convective motions of the planet, due to the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the earth, a topic widely covered in the theory of plate tectonics.

Video by Christopher Scotese

Text reported by Wikipedia